Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Monday 18 August 2008: Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Whitehorse, YT via United Airlines' Ted and Air Canada's Jazz

Today I flew Ft. Lauderdale (FLL)-Denver (DEN)-Vancouver, BC (YVR)-Whitehorse (YXY). Due to both mechanical problems (oil had to be added to the aircraft) and weather (there was a thunderstorm while oil was being added), United Airlines departed from FLL about 30 minutes late. That meant I only had 17 minutes to connect in Denver. Amazingly, I managed to make it on to my next aircraft in Denver. However, but I wasn't sure if my bag would. Then, just after I had boarded, the pilot announced that the aircraft would need to have its radar unit replaced. So we were delayed 75 minutes on the ground (in the aircraft) in Denver. But at least my bag made it to Vancouver that way.
I finally reached my Whitehorse hotel, the Riverview Hotel (of the Canada's Best-Valu Inn chain) 16 hours after leaving the house in Hollywood, FL. Upon arrival Monday evening I explored Whitehorse by foot for nearly two hours. (And yes, there is an office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!) Sunset was at 11:37 PM today. But because there are some hills to the west of Whitehorse and also a few clouds, I couldn't actually see the ball of the sun after about 10 PM.

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Scott Isensee said...

That looks like a fun trip, Ted. I drove the Alaska Highway about 20 years ago so it brings back a lot of memories.

Scott Isensee