Sunday, August 31, 2008

Monday 25 August 2008: Havre, MT to Glendive, MT via rental car (461 miles)

Today we drove our rental car mostly on secondary roads from Havre (population 9,451) in north central Montana to Glendive (population 4,806) in eastern Montana.
En route we visited the south unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park in western North Dakota. As we drove through the national park in the early evening we saw not only prairie dogs, bison and (what we assume was) a wild horse, but also lots and lots of deer!
We stayed at a Comfort Inn and had a late and not-so-good dinner at a local restaurant next door.
The total mileage driven today by Barbara was 461 miles.
I will post pics from today soon.

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kareynolds1013 said...

Sounds like Barbara did lots of driving!!! Your photos were wonderful and brought back lots of great memories...Katherine